I was born in San Bernardino, California, but soon after was transported in the back seat of my parents '46 Chevy to Baltimore, Maryland where I have lived since. Several years ago, at age 45, inspired by my passion for capturing images with a small point and shoot camera, I decided to get in touch with my creative side and began to study photography.

In these early years of exploring photography, I consider myself a generalist, enjoying various genres of photography including architecture, cityscapes, land & seascapes and nature. I must admit though, I have a particular fondness for Baltimore architecture and have an extensive collection of images from Mount Vernon Place, in which I attempt to uniquely depict the grandeur and beauty of the European influenced architecture, decorative iron work, bronze sculptures and the monument erected to honor our nation's first president.

I have created various fine art images in B&W, color and Polaroid transfers using a totally manual Pentax K1000 35 mm single lens reflex camera. Recently, I upgraded to a Nikon F4 to benefit from features such as automatic focus for my aging eyes. Additionally, I have made a partial transition to the digital world of photography by trading the traditional wet darkroom for a digital darkroom. I now scan my transparencies at a high resolution and make giclée prints on watercolor paper using pigment based archival UltraChrome inks. This combination of inks and paper yields impressive light fastness ratings with prints lasting up to 90 years.

A few years ago, I became intrigued by the creative possibilities of Polaroid transfers, which offer limitless ways to transform the photographic image. Exploring this art form has enabled me to create unique versions from my original 35 mm slides and negatives, images that yield a certain mysterious and evocative quality that may not have been inherent to the original composition.

After being inspired by an article on the art of scanner photography, I ventured down another path. Using only fresh cut flowers and the moving lens of my flatbed scanner, I created over 30 elegant, evocative, sensual and somewhat painterly images of a variety of flowers, which gave birth to a body of work entitled “Scandalous Beauty”. For me, these images represent many things-elegance, simplicity, complexity, the human form, interpersonal relationships, individuality, love, passion and togetherness. However, I most relate to these images for their basic form, shape, saturated color, composition and strong graphic qualities and enjoy the individual viewer's interpretation.

In April 2004, I traveled to Italy, my first European adventure. It was truly a visual feast. Twenty six rolls of film later, my newest body of work includes over 25 images from my explorations in Rome, Florence and Venice.

For many years, I have worked as a registered nurse and currently support my passion for photography by working full-time as an RN compliance specialist for a large heath care organization.


Published Works

  • “HON” Greeting Card Collection - Self-Published June 2004
  • WHERE Baltimore - Winter/Spring 2004 Issue

  • Mount Vernon Note Cards* - Self Published April 2003

* Note cards are currently being offered for sale at City Café, Donna's Café-Mt. Vernon, Enoch Pratt Central Library Gift Shop, Hometown Girl, Images Card Shop, The Shawan Shoppes, Sheppard Art Gallery, Simply Noted, Shops at Homewood,The Pleasure of Your Company, and Woman's Industrial Exchange.